Monday, April 6, 2009

Let's Meet for Sunday Brunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And be sure and wear your most fancy dress!!! Looking for a fabulous Sunday brunch dress???? Look no further than here...Sunday Brunch Dress This site features some of the most alluring, awesome, feminine finds, that I have set sights on in while! They were recently featured on Daily Candy and brought even closer to my attention by my girl, Jiggy! It puts me in the mind state of a mix of Parisian boutique meets Anthropol0gie! A happy combination, if you will! Check it out for yourself...You are sure to be intrigued! Warning...the price points are pretty hefty, but at most, be inspired and buy a pretty, fancy, fun dress to where for all the upcoming spring events!!! You are sure to be Sunday's Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Live long and Dress(pun intended)Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oooh, fyi Gilt Group will be featuring Christian Louboutin's starting this Wednesday, April 8th at 12pm! Sign up at

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