Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tom's, Im A Fan!!!!!!

Blake and his Toms

Dear Tom aka Blake Mycoskie(founder),
I must admit, I truly was not a fan, initially of your ever so popular, karate shoe inspired, charitable contribution of a shoe, better known as the Tom-Classic Flat! I would often spy them on hippie, granola types and think to self-those are some saaad looking shoes, until I was in Nordstrom one day and decided, hmmm...let me see what these shoes are really talking about! Well, that was last summer and boy did I have a change of heart once I stepped foot into these little dandies!! Talk about comfy-chic!!! Comfort, being the most important thing on my list these days, I just couldnt resist the Tom, especially  this sparkly little number! More and more I started to see them on the trendiest of hipsters and thought hey, Im totally on the late bus and now that I've hopped on, there's no turning back!!! I now own two pair, red and gold, and am eyeing the black glitters, which will be perfect for my trip home from vacay and baby #2 delivery(yes, Im already planning my outfit home). I just scored this camoflaged pair for my little tyke, who, like his momma, already loves him some shoes! The husband is not so convinced, but I he did tell me he went looking on the website, "just browsing", he said, but they didnt have his size(note to Blake, you may want to consider going up to a size 16 for men-there are lots of tall fellas out there, who love a little fashion and comfort). All in all, I have been very pleased with my Toms( clearly Im a fan here, here, and here) and I must say the lesson learned...Never say Never, because one never knows what will end up on your feet!!!

The Glitterati-Currently sold out

Camo for my baby

Live Long and Try New Things!!!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Bag In The Day!!!!!!!!!!!

The Return of a Classic
Back in the day Coach bags were my Sugar.Honey.Iced.Tea!!!! I had my fair share and thank goodness I salvaged a couple of my great ones(i.e. Duffle Sack, Doctor's Bag) because low and behold, what's old is now new and revived, again!!! I realize everything does circulate, but this is unbelievable  that in my lifetime, I am witness to a classic being reborn to whole new generation of "it" girls and fashionistas!!! Case and point, Ms. Whitney Port of The Hills and The City fame, was caught rocking none other than the very classic Coach Stewardess bag, which along with some other greats are now available here. I could hardly believe my eyes, I picture her to be more of a Chanel or Prada toting, kind of girl, but I know she has a vintage swag, so it totally makes sense to see her rocking the classic and hey, she probably found hers right in her momma's closet-I'm sure most of you wouldn't need to look much further than that. All that said, Coach continues to be a staple in the handbag game and they definitely plan to stick around!!! I'll be pulling my Duffle out for Fall for sure!!! Not really feeling the ol' skool looks? Try one of these, surely destined to be a classic...



Live Long and Bag It!!!!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Gone Fishing!!!!!!!!!

something's fishy!
Fun Food!!
Looking for a fun, seafood, dining experience that's both affordable and family friendly??? Try Tackle Box!!!!!! My little, expanding family recently tried out this Lobster Shack, which just recently opened its second location in Cleveland Park, for Father's day and boy what a treat it was! The husband had the ever so popular Lobster Roll( Warm w/ Butter) and I had grilled shrimp with a lemon garlic aioli sauce(OMG) and the little one had his fave, fries and nuggets and he tore those fries up!!!! The whole dining experience goes a little something like this: choose your fish, from a menu of many, then pick your sides and sauce; get a lobster buzzer, oh and did I forget to mention they have a small bar too( I had my ever so popular with the bartenders, Virgin Margarita-which no one wants to make these days); get buzzed and enjoy!!! I will definitely be going back and getting the Lobster Roll-it was the bomb-delicious!!! Try Tackle Box today, you won't be disappointed!!!

Grilled Shrimp

Lobster Roll-Sweet and Savory

Fry Guy

Live Long and Eat Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Prrr...Like A Cat!!!!!!!

 Desktop Wallpaper · Gallery · Animals 
 Leopard big cats
As of late, I have really been attracted to animal prints, leopard spots in particular! But I do know to keep it simple, as I stated here and keep animal prints to a minimum. Mixing prints is definitely the fashion forward thing to do, but I'm still not sold on mixing my felines! In the meantime, I thought I'd start with my accessories like this and this... I recently came across a great find at a small, but very meaningful online boutique-Pour Porter(thanks Jiggy). Pour Porter offers great stylings from under the radar designers, like Reid-Damnit and others. They also have great customer service(one of the owners, Brannan always sends a personal note with your purchase) and did I mention how speedy the shipping was and they use US Postal(not my fave at the moment, but it will do), which is not usually the fastest, but my item was ordered Friday and received Monday-Win-Win!! I've been quite pleased with my purchases and definitely see a trend happening with my accessories!
Animal Prints

My feline friend keeps time

Pink Wrapping...What a treat

Are you ready to test your animal instinct? If so, here's a little inspiration for ya... 
reid.damnit, clutch, cheetah print suede
Call of the Wild

Image 1 of Minkpink 'Circle Of Life' Animal Print Cami
Let Your Lion Roar

Live Long and Prrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Sale Alert!!!!!!!

Summer is here and the shower of savings is getting ready to reign!!!! Check out what's happening first... Take an additional 25% off already reduced items at Cusp-in-store and online! Starts tomorrow!
Summer Sale Season

Coming soon...The Biggest, Bestest Sale...The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale...Begins Friday, July 15th-Mark your calendars!!!

Live Long and Get Ready for the Sales!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Love For the Daddy's!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daddy and Son-Happy Father's Day

Courageous, Hard-Working, Compassionate, Provider, Loyal...All words I would use to describe the best dad a young, growing, impressionable boy could have and the best companion a girl could have! It's time to celebrate the special men in our lives-Father's Day!!! Although, my dad passed away 11 years ago, this May, I still feel his presence every day and continue to celebrate the awesome man that he was and know that some of those some core values will be instilled in my son through his amazing dad, my husband!!! Today, I celebrate all the Fabulous Father's and wish you many more sweet Father's Days to come!!! What's on the top of my Father's Day shopping list...Here are some of the highlights, which I'm sure all Fashion Forward Dad's can appreciate...

Traditional Dad-Lacoste

Man of Many Scents-Smells Divine

Athletic Dad-Nike

Fashion Forward Dad-Biggie

Tech Lover Dad-Nano+TikTok

Live Long and Celebrate the Dad's!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Prelude To Fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dreaming of Fall

It's HOT!!!!!!!!!! At least in my neck of the woods, it is sweltering and I could use a little "cool" relief. I'm not wishing for winter just yet, but I can think cool thoughts while enjoying the fall fashion previews! Up first, Loeffler Randall and DVF! Fall is looking to be all about the "Bold Prints" and I'm lovin' it!!! And, clearly these designers were inspired by the crisp, patterns of fall! Here are a few of my picks for fall inspiration!
Diane von Furstenberg Pre-Fall 2011 Fashion Week Photos 480387
DVF-My Fall Inspiration

Diane von Furstenberg Pre-Fall 2011 Fashion Week Photos 480387
DVF-The Best in Print

Diane von Furstenberg Pre-Fall 2011 Fashion Week Photos 480387
DVF-Essence of Fall

Diane von Furstenberg Pre-Fall 2011 Fashion Week Photos 480387
DVF-Bold Hues

Can you feel the coolness yet?? I can!

Live Long and Be Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Wood Works!!!!!!!

Dr. Scholl's Women's Original Sandal
The Classic

Last weekend I explored my own closet and stumbled upon a pair of classics that are on par with the Wood Sole/ 70's trend for this Summer...My very cute, red, Dr. Scholls-forever destined to be a classic! Well, with that I was inspired to look more into this trend, of which I was pleasantly surprised at how many of my fav's were now on sale-always a Win!!! The big look right now is the FlatForm, like this one from Vena Cava! The wood bottom adds a simple, chic look and not to mention, comfy ( I know that's hard to imagine, but trust me they are) look to jazz up your Summer wardrobe! These from Madison Harding would be great with this peasant skirt (on sale at Anthro as we speak, with an additional 25% off) or this pair of wide leg jeans-So reminiscent of Charlie' Angels-what great styling those ladies had! Here are a few more looks from Shopbop to get your wood works in motion!!!
Snake lace up platform sandals


Jeffrey Campbell
Joe's Jeans Does Shoes

Vena Cava-Love These!

Live Long and Shoe Well!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tory Came To Town!!!

Tory's in Tyson's

For all my TB(Tory Burch ) lovers, you are now in luck!!! Tory Burch has arrived to Tyson's Corner! You will find all her fabulous footwear, clothing, and accessories all in one plush, place! Now you can find all the Reva's and funky print flip-flops, your little heart desires!!!  Check it out today!!!

Live Long and Shop Well!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Shop And Dine!!!!!!!!


Logan Circle
Consign and Dine

Two of my favorite things to do...And the new 14th street corridor has a lot of both!!! Shop small, one of a kind boutiques like Redeem and Rue 14 or go vintage at Treasury. Looking for the perfect card or special trinket? Go for Pulp, one of my fav's for sure! And if you are looking to earn a buck and shop too try out the brand spakin' new to 14th, Current Boutique! This is the third installment, of great consigning to the DC metro area! Not only do they consign, but they also sell new, cute, trendy wears too! You just can't lose! Now, on to the eating!!! The options are becoming ever more endless along this corridor, so I will highlight my most recent dining spot and let you explore the rest...May I introduce you to El Centro D.F. a Taqueria from famed chef Richard Sandoval! Translation...Yummy tacos and tequila(although I couldnt indulge in the tequila, but the margaritas sure looked good-for now I will have to settle for a virgin, which the kindly obliged). Along with scrumptious, corn tortilla filled tacos, you will find chipotle shrimp concoctions and homemade guac, reminiscent of Rosa Mexicana- I was in my zone...Mexican is my all time favorite! Good food, great atmosphere-Win-Win!!! Definitely worth adding to you list of new DC eateries to explore!!! Shop and Dine-The perfect combo!!!!
  • /wp-content/uploads/2011/05/ElCentro_1.jpg
    Pork Carnitas at El Centro
  • /wp-content/uploads/2011/05/ElCentro_2.jpg
    The Rooftop at El Centro
  • /wp-content/uploads/2011/05/ElCentro_3.jpg

El Centro DF, 14th Street NW, Logan Circle, Mexican restaurants, Bordersetan
El Centro-A Latin Dining Experience

Live Long and Eat/Shop Well!!!!!!!!!