Monday, July 30, 2007

Brides Gone Wild!!!!!!!!! 8/3/07

So, today my girls and I participated in Filene's Basement's annual "Running of The Bride" event!!! And can I just start off by saying, "What a Rush?" OMG(oh my GOSH), the morning started off at 5 am for most, 3:30am and even 9pm the night before for brides to be!!! Doors opened at 8am! Can you say DEDICATED and Determined? You could so feel the adrenaline in the air. Their were goodies being handed out, television crews, radio stations, vendors, security, you name it and of course anxious brides-to- be with their dedicated teams!!!! Team Florence had a game plan: choose a designated meeting spot and GRAB, GRAB, GRAB!!!! And can I say, team-work definitely pays off? Our two brides-to-be found not one but two dresses for great prices (prices range from $249 to $699)! It's definitely luck of the draw, because we had at least 60-70 dresses in tow and there was a winner to be found! Not to mention, there were designer dresses floating around too. Some of the ladies even witnessed the find of a prized Vera Wang gown!!! Yes, I did say Vera Wang, needless to say that one was not getting away from that bride-to-be, no way!!!!!!!

In the end, there was lots of sweat, no blood, and tears of joy, but totally worth every minute of it! All you brides-to-be looking for a team to Run Wild with you...Look up Team DC!!!! We Find Dresses!!!!

For more info on the annual event go to

Live Long and Shape up!!!! Because you will definitely need all of your energy for this event!

Fashion Venting: To Jean or Not to Jean?

Every once and a while Fashion just doesn't score with the average shopper, here is one concern from a pretty savvy shopper:

Jen-Ko from Los Angeles says: Hey Fashionista:

I just want to vent to a fellow fashionishta and fashion blogger. I feel as though the fashion industry either finds us stupid or thinks we don't have a memory. They are trying to push the wide leg jeans (in particular the 70s style) on us as if this is a new thing. Excluding the addition of the ones with the high waist, these are the same old jeans that the entire nation was wearing two years ago. They look the same as the boot leg jeans with the wide bail that everyone already has. I know every thing comes back, but generally decades come back after at least a 10-15 year lag time. Have designers just run out of ideas? I think the industry recognizes that not everyone could rock the skinny jeans trend, they lost money and are now trying to recoup their costs by pushing what they know will sell. I am not stupid. Because they didn't allow enough lag time for the trend to come back, not only can you buy the wide leg jeans from Marc Jacobs, but you can also get them for $30 from The Limited Express. Generally the trends trickle down. Season one, only those willing to spend mega bucks can rock the latest trend. Season two, that same trend trickles down to The Gap and the rest of the world can rock the trend, provided the fashion industry has already moved on to something new. Now because the industry is just pushing the same old thing that was out two years ago, The Gap and The Express are just pulling out their old backlogged merchandise. Anyway, I just got pissed today when I received an email from ShopBob toting these jeans as the hottest thing out there, when it's really just the same old ish!

Fashionista says: Well said Jen-Ko! And I totally understand where you are coming from! I was just thinking about doing a blog on the wide leg jean phenom. I personally am glad it is back and in higher cuts, I'm kinda sick of folk always commenting on Crack is Wack!!!!! And I share the sentiment that they are running out of ideas, this fall's looks are really plan like. Not like last fall, where they really had a lot of cute looks, layers and chunky knits. i think it was a real slow year for the top designers. nothing is really making me say Wow!!!!!!!!!! But I am confident that their will be some great finds out there, and maybe their will be more of a focus on accessories and SHOES instead!!!!! I'm actually really feeling the wide leg as a means of taking away from those of us with wide hips! Its a happy balance! Blog is soon to come, so be on the look out!!!!

Thanks for comment!

Live long and dress Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. for all my fashionistas: Check out "The Fashionista Diaries" on The Soap Network at 9pm. Check your local listings for times. It's pretty decent so far!!!

Finding Forever

Common's 7th album , entitled "Finding Forever", drops tomorrow! He will be in Santa Monica tomorrow and at Borders on Lst NW in WDC 8/14/07 at 12:30pm. Listen to the album in its entirety here:

It's pretty HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Island Getaways

Looking to getaway to somewhere amazing and tropical? Looking for an oasis of relaxation and tranquility? Look no further! Try The Grenadines or Barbados! I personally have not visited either place, but have friends who have been to both places and stayed in the most amazing resorts! Take a look at The Raffles Resort in Canouan This place is secluded and off the beaten path, but it has everything you could ever need. I know a couple who traveled here for their honeymoon and all they could say was "When are we going back?"

Consider The House Resort and Spa in Barbados

This place looks beyond amazing!!!! I'm ready to go there like NOW!!!!!!!!!!! A friend of mine turned me on to this place and we will definitely be adding it to our list of places to go!(thanks KBH).

For all your travel needs, try Carroll&Co. travel or ProTravel ask for Paulette! Both are great resources to have so save them to your favorites!!!!


Live long and Travel!!!!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

It's The Remix!!!!!!!!

Reminiscing is always fun. Thinking of the good times of back in the day! Oshkosh B'gosh, The Stork Shop, London Fog rain coats, Tough Skins, and Jordache Jeans! Well today it's all about the Remix and bringing back the Old to make it New again! And I have set my sights on a few places(some old, some new) to help you recreate the Wonder Years!!!! Let's start with the New...A good friend of mine just put me on to a great website...theRed Room Let me tell you a little bit about theRed Room. Creator Jan McGill, has come up with the clever idea of mixing designer and vintage clothing and created an online resale boutique based in Baltimore. What a great idea!!! If you are on the hunt for a vintage DVF dress or last seasons Miu Miu pumps, theRed Room is your place and this young lady has an eye for all things fabulous (she is quite Fab herself) and she lived in NYC for a while...Nuff Said! Check it out! Now for the old...Urban Outfitters has brought their reworked vintage creations to their online website. Check out Urban Renewal! I have been lucky enough to find a few cute, reworked dresses and tops, especially at the South Beach Urban location! It's definitely worth checking out So now you're ready to get out there and create some old to new trends of your own!!!!!
The "B" Side:
Now for those of you in the DC, MD, VA area looking for some vintage clothing and accessories outlets, here's what I have for you:

Meeps: Vintage and new clothing and accessories.

Junction: Eclectic Vintage, Art, Photography, a little bit of everything at affordable prices

Annie Cream Cheese: Very fabulous vintage wears! From Gucci to Pucci!!! For the high end vintage shopper!

Nana: One of my favorite boutiques in DC. Serving up New and Vintage finds. Jackie has a great eye for selecting awesome, classic, vintage pieces and her new designers are pretty fab too!

That's all for now! Always remember the motto:

Live Long and Dress Well!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Oprah Knows What's Up

For all my ladies and gents who tea!!!! Tis the season for tea! Tea time is in the air! Ladies who tea are sooo lovely!!!! Well, I have the perfect site to help you get your "tea on"!! Rosanna Inc. I discovered Rosanna Inc. in the May 2007 issue of InStyle and they featured the cutest tea set I had ever seen and I had to have it!!!! Discover Rosanna Inc. for yourself and you are sure to find some of the cutest, quaintest, loveliest, pieces you've ever seen!!!! And they even send items in the cutest packaging, so perfect for re gifting! You can also find her pieces at Anthropologie, Barney's and a host of other stores. It's for the little lady in us all and they even have masculine items too!!! Cheerio!!!!!
Live long and Tea!!!!!!


OOOh, I just got wind of some yummy tunes for your listening pleasures!!!! I'm probably on the late bus, but hey good music is like good wine...Just gets better with time!!! So, with that said, may I introduce to you The Foreign Exchange!!!! Let's see how I can put this...Mix Jdilla, Little Brother, Yahzarah, Jazzy beats and you have The Foreign Exchange!!!! I'm digging the album Connected, which offers an instrumental version as well, which is Perfect for Tea Time(check out my blog "Oprah Knows). You are sure to love it and your ears will definitely thank you!!!!!!

Live long and Groove!!!!!!!!!!!

Simply the Best

Ever wonder when is the best time to shop for a new car? Or when to hit the grocery store? Or should I purchase those shoes today or wait til pay day? Well, check out this article which gives good insight on the best days to shop for all things from cars to shoes... You deserve the that is!!!

Live long and Shop Well!!!!!!!

Sale into Fall

Saks Fifth Avenue

Ladies and Gentlemen...

As the fall season approaches, what better way to get your fall wardrobe in order than by enjoying a SALE!!!!! Some of my favorite stores and yours too are having great end of the season/beginning of fall sales. I have seen some awesome fall trends(bright colors, wide leg pants, menswear inspired and sooo much more) in my August issues of Bazaar, InStyle, Elle, and Lucky!!!! So set sail and go out there and shop!!!

ooh, and just to give you a little peak into what I'm loving for the fall shoe wardrobe...Check out these awesome little numbers by Chie Mihara available now at Cusp.

ooh, can you stand it???
Live long and Dress Well (and always find a good sale!)

Malibu in South America????

Oh yes, people, it's true!!!! If anyone has ever been to Malibu, California and felt the nostalgia of watching the sunset on the water and experienced cool shopping in quaint boutiques and fabulous little cafes, then you will love Punta Del Este, Uruguay. My husband and I just returned from exploring South America and we discovered this cool getaway in awesome South America. Punta is known as the summer retreat for ritzy Argentinians and although it was the heart of winter, you could so see the potential. In Punta, there was a cool little area called La Barra. It had the best beaches, beautiful beach homes and a bit of the Mediterranean all mixed in. It was awesome!!!!! I can only imagine what goes on in this place when the heat is on! We will definitely be going back. You might want to check it out too!!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Tonight Im gonna Party like it's 1999!!!!!

The one who started it all!!!

Well, it may not be 1999, but fashion certainly doesn't mind. I have learned in my time here that fashion is an ever evolving entity. So, I'm taking you back to 1989. And this fashion trend brought one of my favorite artists to mind. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love me some Prince!!!!!!!!!! Owww- Uh!!!!! And he is definitely a fashion icon in my book. Prince has set many a fashion trend in his day. From purple, skinny pants, and ruffle shirts!!! Remember the ruffled shirt? Well, it's back and a little revamped for the '07!!!
Not just for shirts, but check out how designers have incorporated this fashion trend into other looks as well...From blouses to dresses to floral prints, to sweats!!!!! Now how's that for a remix?
Let's Party!!!!!!!!!

Live long and Dress well!!!!!
p.s. styles featured can be found at and