Monday, February 25, 2008

Brighten Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking for a way to liven up your accessories wardrobe???? Try a Bright Colored Handbag!!!!! The eighties wont die!!! Bright colors are one of the many fashion trends for the Sp/Su 08 collections! Neon pinks to subtle lavenders! It is a sure sign that Spring Cometh!!!! I'm loving orange and yellow hues of handbags and shoes, but for now we will just focus on the handbag! Fuchsia's and Yellow's can add just the right amount of volume to a black dress or skirt for a night time look! Aqua's and Orange go great with safari tan's and summer whites! Leather bags are great, just be careful of what you pair the bright color with, as sometimes they have a tendency to fade! You cant go wrong with patent leather and canvas and this trend is sure to carry you right on in to Fall with a Bang!!!! So go ahead and do something Bright!!! Add a bright handbag to your life!!! Your outfit will appreciate it!!!! Here are some looks to get you started:

and my fav: by Goldenbleu Carson $725
Live Long and Dress Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Sprinkle Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking for a yummy treat to satisfy your sweet-tooth??? Look no further than L.A.'s Sprinkles Cupcakes!!!!! The delictable delights are a tasty treat and worth all the wait! My husband and sister stood in line for, well, let's just say a ridiculous amount of time and the husband did have a few words to say, but when he bit into the Red Velvet cupcake, all negative thoughts went out the window!!! Needless to say we brought a few back with us on the plane and they are hard to resist! Cupcakes are all the rave these days. From birthdays to weddings, cupcake towers are a great alternative to the traditional tiered cakes. Sprinkles cupcakes are simple, yet filled with flavored and you can go online and vote for a Sprinkles to come to your city next!!!! So next time you are in L.A. be sure to stop in or vote now for Sprinkles to be the next delight in your city!!!!!

Live long and be Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wine and Chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!

Valentine's Day is approaching and some of us may still need to make plans. How about something sweet and savory?? DC has something just for you!!!! Cork and ACKC: The Cocoa Gallery!!!!

Cork DC is a new wine bar that recently opened at 14th and S. st NW They offer a great selection of wines from various regions and simple bites, so that you wont go teetering out the door! Its gotten some good reviews, but you and your mate can be the judge!!!

Not feeling like wine...Try chocolate instead! Chocolate is always a pleasure on V-day! And right on 14th street you will find the answer to your chocolate pleasures... ACKC also known as the Cocoa Gallery is a new cafe located on the ever booming 14th street corridor. ACKC offers a little bit of everything, from chocolate coffee to orchids! Now that's a TREAT!!!

So, you see you still have a few options, just in case you arent able to make reservations at your favorite restaurant on Thursday. Try something new! You are sure to be pleased!
Live Long and Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Not So Mellow Yellow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Banana Republic

Six more weeks of winter, according to dear ole Mr. Groundhog! Well, Spring cometh and why not bring it in a little sooner. How? Add a pop of Yellow to your blossoming wardrobe!!!!! With multiple shades to choose from, ranging from neon to marigold, to golden rays of sun. Whatever your preference, there is sure to be a shade just for you! Yellow is one of the best colors for the upcoming Spring fashion season. It's perfect for a resort getaway or a spring graduation. And it is a great transition color too!!! Pair bright, bold, beautiful yellows with navy, purples, and browns to finish out the winter! Then add it to whites, tans, and other bright hues for spring, right into summer!!! You can't go wrong! It is one of my favorite shades and always brings a smile to a dreary, winter's day!!!! Here are some looks Im loving! And remember, you can always layer your looks until the weather "mellows-out" a bit!!! Check out what I found!



My Favorite Find: Robert Rodriguez @ Intermix

Live Long and Dress Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Something New!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All I have to say is ....Ebadu... February 26...New Amerykah...Ft. the single "Honey" Check out the smokin' flashback video, ode to famous album covers, on her website NOW!!!!!!!!

Mark your calendars! Schedule a Blackberry/Treo reminder! Your ears and soul will thank you for sure!!!!! Get out there and pick it up! And look for a tour to follow soon!!!!