Monday, February 18, 2008

Sprinkle Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking for a yummy treat to satisfy your sweet-tooth??? Look no further than L.A.'s Sprinkles Cupcakes!!!!! The delictable delights are a tasty treat and worth all the wait! My husband and sister stood in line for, well, let's just say a ridiculous amount of time and the husband did have a few words to say, but when he bit into the Red Velvet cupcake, all negative thoughts went out the window!!! Needless to say we brought a few back with us on the plane and they are hard to resist! Cupcakes are all the rave these days. From birthdays to weddings, cupcake towers are a great alternative to the traditional tiered cakes. Sprinkles cupcakes are simple, yet filled with flavored and you can go online and vote for a Sprinkles to come to your city next!!!! So next time you are in L.A. be sure to stop in or vote now for Sprinkles to be the next delight in your city!!!!!

Live long and be Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!