Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Prepare for Arrival!!!!!!!!!!!

So tonight I attended the "soft" opening of the brand new Bloomingdale's of Chevy Chase!!!! Chevy Chase is definitely putting itself on the map and Bloomies is just the perfect addition to compliment the ever so Chevy Chic collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The store is absolutely amaaaaaaaaazing!!!!! It truly has everything you could ever possibly need from clothing to home goods! They've got it!!! And the staff was ever so helpful and friendly, considering this was not the "softest" opening I've ever seen. It was sensory overload to say the least, but the Bloomies' team had it under control and made it a pleasant shopping experience!!!!!!!!!

The grand opening is tomorrow, September 27! So, if you are in the mood for a large crowd, head on over. I myself will be venturing back after the rush dies down a wee bit!!!!

Chic has officially landed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Live Long and Shop Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Quickie...Chie Mihara

The designer I am featuring today hails from Brazil born of Japanese parents. Chie Mihara offers a breath of fresh air to the otherwise blah shoe world. Chie's line offers a bit of abstract fashion and comfort too. Her works of art can be found at Neiman's, Cusp, Wild Women Wear Red,, Anthropologie, and of course,

Here is a little background on the designer:

Born in Brazil to Japanese parents, Chie Mihara studied fashion and accessories design in Japan and New York. Mihara cites early frustration with shoes as her catalyst into footwear design: A European size 40, she had difficulty finding stylish shoes that fit. Designing a line of fashionable - and comfortable - shoes became Mihara's calling. Inspired by fashion history, people-watching, and every expression of taste, Mihara launched her eponymous line of "feminine and naive" shoes in 2002.

Now its your turn to explore the works of Chie Mihara. You are sure to turn heads when you wear these fashionable works of art!

Live Long and Shoe Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Go Green!

It would seem that the world is going green these days, with so many individuals focused on saving the Eco-system and all! I'm all for doing my part; I even try to remember to unplug my chargers when not in use, but when it comes to fashion, I thought, hmmm...why not take it one step further and add a little green to my fall wardrobe too!!! Not only are there many variations of the color, but Green is great color for fall too!!!! So here are some of my favorite finds! You too can practice being Eco-friendly, and do it in style, while still representing all that's good and GREEN!!!!!!!!

And if you still want to do something good for the planet, check out shopbop's Eco-Friendly collection, which features designers who are working to create clothing and accessories that are good for the planet and stylish too!!!! Mighty Green of them!!!!

Live Long and Dress Well!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

High Fashion at a Fraction of the Cost

HandM has done it again! Today's fashion trend seems to be all about bringing high-end designers, to a more moderately priced, urban retailer! Target has been doing it for a while, with its Isaac Mizrahi collection for Target and the Go International line, which features a high-end, notable fashion designer monthly. Kohl's is even getting on the bus with its new Vera Wang collection and HandM has also featured the likes of Viktor and Rolf and Madonna and now they are introducing a new line by Roberto Cavalli. Cavalli is a well known Italian designer, who's bold animal prints and form-fitting, sleek dresses have graced many a celebrity and now you too can wear his designs at a fraction of the cost!!!!! How fab is that? Not only will the line feature clothing for men and women, but accessories will be in stores too! The ‘Roberto Cavalli at HandM collection will be available in approximately 200 selected HandM stores worldwide beginning November 8th 2007.

Live Long and Dress Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Charmed, I'm Sure!!!!!

So, thanks to daily candy, I have stumbled upon another charming website that offers awesome jewelry at affordable prices. Charmed and Dangerous Baubles to Die For are just that!!! Dangerously affordable accessories, that will surely jazz up your fall wardrobe. Prices range from $18-$50 bucks! The necklaces offer nostalgic pendants, like picture lockets and initials or go a little grunge with revolvers and skulls, but don't worry, all pieces are done very tastefully and with a feminine charm! You are sure to be charmed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check them out at and the daily candy deal( enter dcdeal at checkout) will get you a free initial charm necklace! Now how charming is that????

Live Long and Shop Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Techniques 101

So, the husband and I ventured out to our local Williams-Sonoma for our first cooking/techniques class and may I say...very informative. I highly recommend these classes for anyone just starting out in the kitchen, or if you need to brush up on your skills, or just have a fun activity with family or friends or even a groovy idea for a Sunday date!!!!!! It's pretty darn awesome!!!!!! Check out what classes are available below and contact your local Williams-Sonoma for times.

Please join us for a new series of technique classes at your local Williams-Sonoma store.Our technique classes are an enjoyable way to broaden your culinary experience with new flavors and techniques. Led by professional chefs and featuring cuisines from around the world, classes include demonstrations and samples of prepared dishes as well as printed recipes you can take home.Join us for the entire series or choose your favorite individual classes. Class size is limited, and classes tend to fill up quickly, so be sure to reserve your space today.For more information or to request menus for specific classes, please call the store directly.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 16Autumn Braising Braising is the ideal cooking method as the cooler weather sets in as it provides delicious, robust meals with minimum effort. Master the technique of braising and learn delicious ways to use it from tough cuts of meat, to whole chickens and even fruit. We did this one!!!

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 23Espresso Learn the essentials of how to make classic Italian espresso. We will prepare the beverage using a stovetop espresso maker and also compare the automatic espresso machines currently available. The class will also introduce variations of espresso drinks and provide ideas for some classic accompaniments.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 7Cupcake & Cookie Decorating Learn the fundamentals involved with cookie and cupcake decorating to create fun and beautiful treats for family and friends in time for the Halloween and the upcoming holidays. Understand the essentials of tracing, flooding, sanding and types of icing used to create different looks. We’ll share our favorite cookie and icing recipes to get you started. We are gonna do this one too!!!!

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 14Knife Skills Kitchen cutlery is redefined by each generation of cooks. Knowing which knife to use, how to hold it and the proper way to slice, dice and chop are some of the basics this class will cover. We are gonna do this one too!!!

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 21Pie Crust Essentials In preparation for the holidays, master the art of making beautiful pie crust each and every time. Learn the techniques involved, baker’s tips for success and the tools necessary to create delicious pie crust. This step-by-step instruction will guide you through the process and have you ready for your holiday pie-baking.

Oh and I forgot to mention the techniques classes are FREE!!!!!!!!!!!

Live Long and Eat Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Shop Smart...C-Mart

Looking for a great deal on clothes, home accessories, jewelry, and furniture???? Check out C-Mart!!!!! This liquidation, discount, warehouse, located in Baltimore and Washington DC(Landover, MD), is stocked with hidden treasures!!!!! My girls and I made an adventure out of it and trekked on over to the Mart and boy did we score!!!!!

I found designer labels like Velvet, Torn, BCBG, and Nieves Lavi!!!!! I even found prized finds from Bloomies, Intermix, and Urban Outfitters!!! But best of all was the Furniture!!! Like Whoa!!!! Check out some of the fab finds, that come from the likes of Muleh and Random Harvest!!!! Pretty awesome!!!! Some things come with minor flaws and missing buttons or knobs or what not, but the prices make up for that! It's definitely worth making a road trip! You name it, they've got it at the Mart! If you still aren't convinced; check out the website for a sneak peek

Live Long and Shop SMart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Quickie!!! It's Graduation Time!!

Im soooo loving this cd! If you dont have it, go and get it Ahora, PRonto, Fast, Now,Rapido, well You get the Point!!!!

Kanye West: Graduation!!!!! It Rocks, hard!!!!!!!!
My favs:
Cant tell me nothing
Good Life(he samples P.Y.T., everyone loves P.Y.T.)
and on and on!!!!
Live long and Get GOOD Music!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007


Cobalt Blue is a color I am loving for the fall!!!!!!!!!! It's vibrant, bold, and packed with statement making pieces! Check out what I found below available at, and! Step into the richness of fall with a splash of Color! Cobalt Blue is what you need to Pop!

And try this combination: Chocolate and Cobalt!!!! Yum!!!!!

Live Long and Dress with a Pop!!!!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Say What??????

Looking for a cool way to say something cute and fun? Try these fun bangles by Jessica Kagan Cushman!!! In the last blog the woman in the picture was wearing these adorably cute bangles! And what makes them even more fun are the cute phrases captured, such as "You're not the boss of Me", "Never, Never, Never, Give Up", and my fav, "Truly Fabulous People Never Get Dressed before Lunchtime!" How cute is that? Fun and Inspirational! You cant beat it!

Here's a little info about the bangles and for more info on the designer check out her website:

Resin Reproduction Scrimshaw Bangles
These are THE ORIGINAL bangle bracelets with phrases on them. All other similar bracelets are KNOCK OFFS and we hope you will buy the real thing here and from our authorized retailers. They look fantastic alone or in stacks or layered with other bangles. The bracelets are a fun conversation piece and can be worn on any occasion. Our bangles are made in limited editions so get them while you can!
Each bracelet is hand poured resin, hand inked and hand finished. Any variations in resin color, ink saturation, or finish are due to the hand made elements, so variations should be expected. We believe any variation enhance the look to make them more closely resemble real ivory scrimshaw.

The bangles can be purchased directly from the website for $130 or Cusp for $125, Neiman's, and Barney's! And how great is it that they are limited editions, so you wont see yourself all over the place!!! "Say What???" Now that's saying something!

Live long and shop well!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Pink Affair!!!!!!

For my DC ladies!!!!!! Pink November is having a Fall trunk show starting September 15th to introduce their Fall collections! Both locations(Georgetown and Ust) will be hosting. Chic clothing and accessories await your presence! Check out what Shelley has in store for you!

Trunk Show: September 15, 12PM - 8PM

See ya there!
p.s. check out the models cute bangles!!! blog coming soon!!!!!!
Live long and Shop Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Shorten This...Lengthen That

Are you in need of alterations? Do you need to be fitted for a formal event? Is all of your summer exercising paying off and your favorite pants just aren't fitting quite right? Are your new pair of wide-legged jeans gapping in the back? Well, if you are in the DC area look no further, I have the place for you! Do's Custom Tailors in Georgetown is exactly what you need! Do's(pronounced like Doe or Dough) has been a staple in the G-town area since 1963! I was recently referred there by the ladies of Urban Chic and boy did they know that Do's knew what to Do!!!!!! I was totally impressed with their work: from the exact measurements taken, to the swift completion! And they offer a host of other services, which include coming to visit You!!!!

So if you need something taken in or even let out, Do's is the one for YOU!!!!!

Do Do's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Live long and dress well!!!!!!!!!!