Thursday, September 6, 2007

Say What??????

Looking for a cool way to say something cute and fun? Try these fun bangles by Jessica Kagan Cushman!!! In the last blog the woman in the picture was wearing these adorably cute bangles! And what makes them even more fun are the cute phrases captured, such as "You're not the boss of Me", "Never, Never, Never, Give Up", and my fav, "Truly Fabulous People Never Get Dressed before Lunchtime!" How cute is that? Fun and Inspirational! You cant beat it!

Here's a little info about the bangles and for more info on the designer check out her website:

Resin Reproduction Scrimshaw Bangles
These are THE ORIGINAL bangle bracelets with phrases on them. All other similar bracelets are KNOCK OFFS and we hope you will buy the real thing here and from our authorized retailers. They look fantastic alone or in stacks or layered with other bangles. The bracelets are a fun conversation piece and can be worn on any occasion. Our bangles are made in limited editions so get them while you can!
Each bracelet is hand poured resin, hand inked and hand finished. Any variations in resin color, ink saturation, or finish are due to the hand made elements, so variations should be expected. We believe any variation enhance the look to make them more closely resemble real ivory scrimshaw.

The bangles can be purchased directly from the website for $130 or Cusp for $125, Neiman's, and Barney's! And how great is it that they are limited editions, so you wont see yourself all over the place!!! "Say What???" Now that's saying something!

Live long and shop well!!!!!!!!

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