Friday, July 22, 2011

Gone Fishing!!!!!!!!!
Off to the Beach!

As of late, my girls have been accusing me of being "out to lunch!" Im not sure if it's being 30+ weeks preggers, the heat, a 2 year-old, or just D, all of the above!!! Mostly, I think my mind is on V for Vacation, which I am so very much in need of...So, don't be alarmed, but MMC will be on hiatus for the upcoming week! As we will be fun'n and sun'n on the lovely, quaint island of Nevis!!! I will miss you all and I promise to return, well rested and fully cognitive...Well, maybe just well rested!!!!

Live Long and Vacation Well!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

I Just Can't Wait!!!!!!!

One Fall-Fabulous Color!!!

As fall approaches, my fashion eye can't help but take in all the fun, fall, vibrant colors!!! At the top of my list of Must Have Fall items...Orange Pants!!! I first caught a wonderful glimpse here, at a great blog Coco+Kelley! I am really loving the color orange as of late. It's so festive, bright, and warm! It looks great against most skin tones and pairs fantastically with fuchsias, emerald greens, and electric blues-all top colors for fall!  Try a cigarette pant like this one or go for a wide leg, like this one! At this point, I'm not really able to get into either style, but here's hoping for late fall and even early winter(baby weight blues). Until then, I hope to see some of my most stylish girlfriends, rocking some Orange!!!

Live Long and Explore Orange!!!!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Sale of All Sales!!!!

The Sale of the Year

Are you ready for some pre-fall savings??? Well, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale has arrived!!! Save on new fall items from now until July 31st! It's the best sale out there in my book! If you were lucky enough to get some Early Bird savings(for Nordstrom card holders) even better! Check out what's in store! No worries if you didn't, items are plentiful and their sales associates are willing to leap tall buildings to find what you need!!! Gotta love that good ol' customer service!!!!

Sale on...

Live Long and Sale Away!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Meet And Greet!!!!!!!!!

Join us in welcoming the Andean Collection’s Amanda Judge for a discussion.

An Anthro Event
Calling all my Chevy Chase, Anthro-Accessory lovers...An event is coming, so mark your calendars and save the date!!! Unfortunately, but not really, I will be away on holiday(just couldn't wait to say that) with my little, growing, family, here, so I will not be able to attend, but hopefully one of you trusty, readers will be able to go and show some love or just spread the word! The Andean Collection features fabulous jewelry and accessories at affordable prices! I'm in love with the following:

Chain Game

Make sure you RSVP by Tuesday July 19th!

Live Long and Accessorize!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Clutch On To This!!!!!!!!!!!!

Colorful Clutches

Summer is hot and so is the clutch handbag! Simple, chic, and so functional!!! What's even hotter in the world of clutch bags are their bright colors and my favorite...Color blocking, click here to put your creative juices to work!!! Not really in the mood for DIY, well I have found a lot of fabulous clutch options to suit just about any one's wardrobe! I love clutches for nights out with the husband or dinner with the girls or just for quick runs with the son! It's such a great style option and since they vary in size, you can still carry your whole life (if you're anything like me) in your handy dandy clutch, if you like! Now, lets get to some bags, so hold on for the ride...

Most Wanted Clutch-Celine

A'N'D Envelope Clutch - Patent Red - model with clutch under arm
Red Hot Envelope-Open with care!

Day for Night Clutch - Embossed Croc caramel/green
Croc Clutch-A new found fave Marie Turnor
Felix Rey Tiger Mesh Clutch
White Tiger-Hear me Roar!

Colorblock by Clare Vivier-She's at the top of my clutch list

Live Long and Clutch Well!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

I Left My Wallet In El Segundo!!!!!!!!

Bonita Applebum, Check the Rhyme, Buddy, Scenario, and the list goes on...Not sure who or what in the world Im talking about??? Well, get familiar with A Tribe Called Quest, if you aren't already! ATCQ are pioneers in the spoken rhyme and jazz sampling in the hip-hop world. They are one of my favorite hip hop groups of all time and when I got wind of a documentary in their honor, I was more than pumped! The Low End Theory was my high school soundtrack! With all that said...the Tribe doc is finally here!!! One of my besties(good looking, EB) in NYC sent word my way that ATCQ documentary was being released in NY and LA today! I can't wait til it comes to DC (July 15th) and go here for more release dates. I am anxious to see how Michael Rapaport put it all together. I know I will be nodding my head for the next week to all their greatest, including one of my faves, Left My Wallet In El Segundo and speaking of which, when you are in LA, you should check out the new El Segundo(see this post) and while you're driving with your sunroof back, pump some ol' skool jams!!!
A Tribe Called Quest
Miss you Tribe!

Live Long and Love the Music!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

StyleMint Is Here!!!!!!!!!

    The Olsen's-Fashion Icons
One stop, tee shirt shopping is here!!! StyleMint is the latest in online, discount shopping(think Gilt, Rue La La) brought to you by the very stylish Olsen twins-Mary-Kate and Ashley. For all you ladies who love your tees(like me) this is the site for you!! Here's how it works, in short: 1) Complete a style profile: from your favorite weekend look to favorite place to shop 2) Sign up 3) View a selection of tees, sent to you once a month, based on your profile. 4) Purchase a tee for just $29.99 and shipping is FREE!!! Here are what looks they suggested for me this month:
  1. Fillmore
    Stripes are all that!
  2. a full sentence
    My fave!
  3. Melrose
    Simple tee

I'm digging the "No is a complete sentence" tee for sure! I can't wait to see what looks come my way next!!!

Signing up is free and you don't have to feel obligated to purchase! Don't see anything you like this month, wait for the next month-no worries!! I likey! How about you?

Live Long and Tee Well!!!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I Heart Birthdays!!!!!

I'm needing this in my perfume collection

July is my birthday month, which I seem to be talking about a lot, as of late, but I think I'm owed the right to do so on my one, very special day of the year(although, I must say I have a lot of special days and I'm so grateful for them all). However, on this special day, the birthday, I think it's only fitting and appropriate to solicit, special gifts...I'm not asking for much, as it's not a major milestone bday, but at the top of my wishlist is the newest fragrance from Maison Martin Margiela, appropriately named Untitled and exclusively available at Saks! I just happened to walk past the display in Saks and decided to spray a little bit and oh boy, what a treat!! Light, airy, fruity, perfect for summer days and nights and a perfect transition fragrance for fall!! Multifunctional and definitely worth the money (at least in my mind). If you like citrusy, clean scents, you will love Untitled!!! Check it out!!! It's so fabulous, it doesn't even need a name!!!

Live Long and Smell Good!!!!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Friday!!!

Longing to be here...The Viceroy Anguilla
It's Friday and it's the first day of July which means...It's MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!! So much to celebrate and be thankful for...Babies, Husband, Family, Friends, Health, Anthro Bday discounts, and Island getaways! Won't make it back to Anguilla this year, but we will be taking a much needed trip here at the end of the month, a babymoon of sorts, and I can't wait!!!! Stay tuned for a bday giveaway coming soon...Until, enjoy your weekend, 4th of July, bbq's, and summer in general!!!!!
Live Long and Enjoy Life!!!!!!!!!