Friday, July 8, 2011

I Left My Wallet In El Segundo!!!!!!!!

Bonita Applebum, Check the Rhyme, Buddy, Scenario, and the list goes on...Not sure who or what in the world Im talking about??? Well, get familiar with A Tribe Called Quest, if you aren't already! ATCQ are pioneers in the spoken rhyme and jazz sampling in the hip-hop world. They are one of my favorite hip hop groups of all time and when I got wind of a documentary in their honor, I was more than pumped! The Low End Theory was my high school soundtrack! With all that said...the Tribe doc is finally here!!! One of my besties(good looking, EB) in NYC sent word my way that ATCQ documentary was being released in NY and LA today! I can't wait til it comes to DC (July 15th) and go here for more release dates. I am anxious to see how Michael Rapaport put it all together. I know I will be nodding my head for the next week to all their greatest, including one of my faves, Left My Wallet In El Segundo and speaking of which, when you are in LA, you should check out the new El Segundo(see this post) and while you're driving with your sunroof back, pump some ol' skool jams!!!
A Tribe Called Quest
Miss you Tribe!

Live Long and Love the Music!!!!!!!!!!

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