Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Friday!!!

Longing to be here...The Viceroy Anguilla
It's Friday and it's the first day of July which means...It's MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!! So much to celebrate and be thankful for...Babies, Husband, Family, Friends, Health, Anthro Bday discounts, and Island getaways! Won't make it back to Anguilla this year, but we will be taking a much needed trip here at the end of the month, a babymoon of sorts, and I can't wait!!!! Stay tuned for a bday giveaway coming soon...Until, enjoy your weekend, 4th of July, bbq's, and summer in general!!!!!
Live Long and Enjoy Life!!!!!!!!!


nita scot said...

Lol @ thankful for Anthro Bday discounts. Babymoon looks exciting. Have tons of fun!!!

J.P. Archie said...

Lovely! Happy Weekend!