Monday, September 3, 2007

Shorten This...Lengthen That

Are you in need of alterations? Do you need to be fitted for a formal event? Is all of your summer exercising paying off and your favorite pants just aren't fitting quite right? Are your new pair of wide-legged jeans gapping in the back? Well, if you are in the DC area look no further, I have the place for you! Do's Custom Tailors in Georgetown is exactly what you need! Do's(pronounced like Doe or Dough) has been a staple in the G-town area since 1963! I was recently referred there by the ladies of Urban Chic and boy did they know that Do's knew what to Do!!!!!! I was totally impressed with their work: from the exact measurements taken, to the swift completion! And they offer a host of other services, which include coming to visit You!!!!

So if you need something taken in or even let out, Do's is the one for YOU!!!!!

Do Do's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Live long and dress well!!!!!!!!!!

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adam said...

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