Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wine and Chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!

Valentine's Day is approaching and some of us may still need to make plans. How about something sweet and savory?? DC has something just for you!!!! Cork and ACKC: The Cocoa Gallery!!!!

Cork DC http://www.corkdc.com/ is a new wine bar that recently opened at 14th and S. st NW They offer a great selection of wines from various regions and simple bites, so that you wont go teetering out the door! Its gotten some good reviews, but you and your mate can be the judge!!!

Not feeling like wine...Try chocolate instead! Chocolate is always a pleasure on V-day! And right on 14th street you will find the answer to your chocolate pleasures... ACKC also known as the Cocoa Gallery http://www.thecocoagallery.com/ is a new cafe located on the ever booming 14th street corridor. ACKC offers a little bit of everything, from chocolate coffee to orchids! Now that's a TREAT!!!

So, you see you still have a few options, just in case you arent able to make reservations at your favorite restaurant on Thursday. Try something new! You are sure to be pleased!
Live Long and Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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