Monday, July 30, 2007

Fashion Venting: To Jean or Not to Jean?

Every once and a while Fashion just doesn't score with the average shopper, here is one concern from a pretty savvy shopper:

Jen-Ko from Los Angeles says: Hey Fashionista:

I just want to vent to a fellow fashionishta and fashion blogger. I feel as though the fashion industry either finds us stupid or thinks we don't have a memory. They are trying to push the wide leg jeans (in particular the 70s style) on us as if this is a new thing. Excluding the addition of the ones with the high waist, these are the same old jeans that the entire nation was wearing two years ago. They look the same as the boot leg jeans with the wide bail that everyone already has. I know every thing comes back, but generally decades come back after at least a 10-15 year lag time. Have designers just run out of ideas? I think the industry recognizes that not everyone could rock the skinny jeans trend, they lost money and are now trying to recoup their costs by pushing what they know will sell. I am not stupid. Because they didn't allow enough lag time for the trend to come back, not only can you buy the wide leg jeans from Marc Jacobs, but you can also get them for $30 from The Limited Express. Generally the trends trickle down. Season one, only those willing to spend mega bucks can rock the latest trend. Season two, that same trend trickles down to The Gap and the rest of the world can rock the trend, provided the fashion industry has already moved on to something new. Now because the industry is just pushing the same old thing that was out two years ago, The Gap and The Express are just pulling out their old backlogged merchandise. Anyway, I just got pissed today when I received an email from ShopBob toting these jeans as the hottest thing out there, when it's really just the same old ish!

Fashionista says: Well said Jen-Ko! And I totally understand where you are coming from! I was just thinking about doing a blog on the wide leg jean phenom. I personally am glad it is back and in higher cuts, I'm kinda sick of folk always commenting on Crack is Wack!!!!! And I share the sentiment that they are running out of ideas, this fall's looks are really plan like. Not like last fall, where they really had a lot of cute looks, layers and chunky knits. i think it was a real slow year for the top designers. nothing is really making me say Wow!!!!!!!!!! But I am confident that their will be some great finds out there, and maybe their will be more of a focus on accessories and SHOES instead!!!!! I'm actually really feeling the wide leg as a means of taking away from those of us with wide hips! Its a happy balance! Blog is soon to come, so be on the look out!!!!

Thanks for comment!

Live long and dress Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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