Friday, July 13, 2007

Tonight Im gonna Party like it's 1999!!!!!

The one who started it all!!!

Well, it may not be 1999, but fashion certainly doesn't mind. I have learned in my time here that fashion is an ever evolving entity. So, I'm taking you back to 1989. And this fashion trend brought one of my favorite artists to mind. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love me some Prince!!!!!!!!!! Owww- Uh!!!!! And he is definitely a fashion icon in my book. Prince has set many a fashion trend in his day. From purple, skinny pants, and ruffle shirts!!! Remember the ruffled shirt? Well, it's back and a little revamped for the '07!!!
Not just for shirts, but check out how designers have incorporated this fashion trend into other looks as well...From blouses to dresses to floral prints, to sweats!!!!! Now how's that for a remix?
Let's Party!!!!!!!!!

Live long and Dress well!!!!!
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Pamela said...

Love your fresh take on "old" school and your fashion updates. Stay cool & fresh!