Friday, June 29, 2007

Internet Ordering Question...

IH asked: Hey, Fashionista.As time constraints increase, I'm learning that on-line shopping is quite convenient. The only issue is sizing. Any helpful suggestions on how to buy online and avoid purchasing the wrong size (especially since shipping costs are often non-refundable)? Thanks!

Fashionista says: I would suggest looking at the given sizing charts and/or calling the online site to find out the fit of items, sometimes customer services reps have more details than are given online. Also for shoes, you should also call to inquire whether or not shoes are euro sized, cuz most of them are. And a lot of sites now offer free shipping unless you request expedited shipping. Another tip for finding free shipping is to do a Google search for "free shipping codes." I have gotten lucky a few times with promotional codes for places such as Gap, BR, Neiman's, Jcrew. Hope this helps!

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