Friday, June 8, 2007

Dining for Dollars

Looking for a fast way to find out about the latest, happening restaurants in your city? Are you looking for Thai food in Canada? Do you know about Opentable? It is an online restaurant reservations service. It is pretty fabulous!(thanks for hipping me Jig) Opentable is a great way to find out about restaurants in your city and other cities(just in case you are planning a trip) and internationally!!! How great is that? Some of the featured cities include New York, Los Angeles, Miami, DC and Atlanta, just to name a few!!! I just discovered some of the international cities, which include London and Montreal!!!!

Another great perk of using their service? Well, each time you make a reservation through they will give you points towards an opentable dining cheque!!!!! And it's totally FREE!!!! Now, you can't beat that with a stick!!!

So, sign up today and dont worry about receiving annoying emails every other day; not here!

Grab a date and get to EATING!!!!!

Live Long and Eat Well!!! :)

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