Friday, June 29, 2007

Question for the Fashionista...

Kim G asked: What color undergarments go under white????

Fashionista says: Great question Kim and so appropriate for the season. It is during this time of the year that we are faced with the challenge of wearing our summer whites and linens, which call for suitable undergarments. This question holds true for both the ladies and gents. My thoughts...Always go with black!!!! But I have tried chocolate brown and even deep plum under whites and they have both worked perfectly!!!! Also, flesh tones or nudes can work, depending on how sheer the fabric may be. I have found that flesh tones never really match one's true shade, so go with something as close to your skin tone as possible. Ladies, try out (thanks EB) for an abundance of ladies lingerie, swimwear, and sizes galore!!!! They carry designer lingerie as well as hard to find sizes like double F!!!!!!! And they have very cute styles! Also, Nordstrom and Neimans have excellent bra specialists to help with finding your true size, because soooo many of us are wearing the wrong size. I myself was included in that bunch, but no more!!!! I have a great bra specialist, Cynthia at Neiman Marcus who even sends me a note or gives me a ring to let me know when new items of my size are available. Also, if you are in the DC metro area and you are in need of some expert advice, check out Dorne Corset Shop(thanks LMC). These ladies know what they are doing and can fit you just right!!!!!!

As for my fellas, always go with a solid color under your white linen pants or white boxer briefs. Only you all can get away with this!!!!!

Until next time... Live Long and Dress Well

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