Monday, June 4, 2007

My first fashion question

Lil Sue in DC wants to know:

Hey fashionista! If you know anything about Tory Burch, let me know. She has these great shoes I want, but I need to buy them on sale.
Have you ever been to this shoe store in old town alexandria called Shoe Hive? That's where I first saw them. Cute boutique for shoes.

Fashionista Extraordinaire says:

Hey Lil Sue!!!!

If you are speaking of the Reva ballet flat, i am waayy knowing. I own two pair, I couldnt wait for a sale. There are a lot of larger department stores(Nordstrom, Bloomies, Saks) that carry them and they are more likely to put them on sale before any of the boutiques( i have heard of Shoe Hive and checked out their website, but not been in the store itself yet). I will keep a look out for ya, but the Reva's are sure to be a classic, like the Chanel flat. They are soooo comfy and a great transitional item from spring to summer, and summer to fall. I say invest if you can!They are totally worth it.

Fyi, Nordstrom is having their half yearly sale beginning June 6th and Saks and Neiman's are both starting their sales as well! Check them out!

Keep the questions coming, ladies and gentleman! I love to be of assistance in any fashion crisis!

Live long and Dress well!


Bridgette said...

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Jeff said...

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