Sunday, June 17, 2007

Living on the W-Edge

One of the summer's hottest shoe, next to the flat(soon to blog), is the Wedge!!! This season has brought back the wedge with a little remix...The platform wedge!!!! Its hot, its great with wide-legged pants, shorts, and dresses, and most importantly, you can WALK in it without going over the edge!!! Check out some of these styles. I'm really loving the fact that the wedge creates lengthy legs and looks fabulous paired with the hottest dress this season...the mini dress or for my ol' school heads, the Babydoll dress! So cute! Along with the fact that they come in such an array of colors and styles and can definitely be worked into your fall wardrobe, paired with some funky tights!Try out some of these looks and you too can live life on the W-Edge!!!!!

Oh, and don't forget you can always pair your mini's with cute tights or leggings for the fall too!

Remember, Live long and Dress Well!!!!!

psst...all shoes and dresses can be found at and