Friday, July 27, 2007

It's The Remix!!!!!!!!

Reminiscing is always fun. Thinking of the good times of back in the day! Oshkosh B'gosh, The Stork Shop, London Fog rain coats, Tough Skins, and Jordache Jeans! Well today it's all about the Remix and bringing back the Old to make it New again! And I have set my sights on a few places(some old, some new) to help you recreate the Wonder Years!!!! Let's start with the New...A good friend of mine just put me on to a great website...theRed Room Let me tell you a little bit about theRed Room. Creator Jan McGill, has come up with the clever idea of mixing designer and vintage clothing and created an online resale boutique based in Baltimore. What a great idea!!! If you are on the hunt for a vintage DVF dress or last seasons Miu Miu pumps, theRed Room is your place and this young lady has an eye for all things fabulous (she is quite Fab herself) and she lived in NYC for a while...Nuff Said! Check it out! Now for the old...Urban Outfitters has brought their reworked vintage creations to their online website. Check out Urban Renewal! I have been lucky enough to find a few cute, reworked dresses and tops, especially at the South Beach Urban location! It's definitely worth checking out So now you're ready to get out there and create some old to new trends of your own!!!!!
The "B" Side:
Now for those of you in the DC, MD, VA area looking for some vintage clothing and accessories outlets, here's what I have for you:

Meeps: Vintage and new clothing and accessories.

Junction: Eclectic Vintage, Art, Photography, a little bit of everything at affordable prices

Annie Cream Cheese: Very fabulous vintage wears! From Gucci to Pucci!!! For the high end vintage shopper!

Nana: One of my favorite boutiques in DC. Serving up New and Vintage finds. Jackie has a great eye for selecting awesome, classic, vintage pieces and her new designers are pretty fab too!

That's all for now! Always remember the motto:

Live Long and Dress Well!!!!!!

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Danielle said...

Hi there!!! Love all of your posts that I read so far! I'm hooked and will be tunning in daily! Keep them coming!