Friday, June 24, 2011

Gone Fishing!!!!!!!!!

something's fishy!
Fun Food!!
Looking for a fun, seafood, dining experience that's both affordable and family friendly??? Try Tackle Box!!!!!! My little, expanding family recently tried out this Lobster Shack, which just recently opened its second location in Cleveland Park, for Father's day and boy what a treat it was! The husband had the ever so popular Lobster Roll( Warm w/ Butter) and I had grilled shrimp with a lemon garlic aioli sauce(OMG) and the little one had his fave, fries and nuggets and he tore those fries up!!!! The whole dining experience goes a little something like this: choose your fish, from a menu of many, then pick your sides and sauce; get a lobster buzzer, oh and did I forget to mention they have a small bar too( I had my ever so popular with the bartenders, Virgin Margarita-which no one wants to make these days); get buzzed and enjoy!!! I will definitely be going back and getting the Lobster Roll-it was the bomb-delicious!!! Try Tackle Box today, you won't be disappointed!!!

Grilled Shrimp

Lobster Roll-Sweet and Savory

Fry Guy

Live Long and Eat Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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J.P. Archie said...

The shrimp looks tasty tasty!