Monday, June 27, 2011

Bag In The Day!!!!!!!!!!!

The Return of a Classic
Back in the day Coach bags were my Sugar.Honey.Iced.Tea!!!! I had my fair share and thank goodness I salvaged a couple of my great ones(i.e. Duffle Sack, Doctor's Bag) because low and behold, what's old is now new and revived, again!!! I realize everything does circulate, but this is unbelievable  that in my lifetime, I am witness to a classic being reborn to whole new generation of "it" girls and fashionistas!!! Case and point, Ms. Whitney Port of The Hills and The City fame, was caught rocking none other than the very classic Coach Stewardess bag, which along with some other greats are now available here. I could hardly believe my eyes, I picture her to be more of a Chanel or Prada toting, kind of girl, but I know she has a vintage swag, so it totally makes sense to see her rocking the classic and hey, she probably found hers right in her momma's closet-I'm sure most of you wouldn't need to look much further than that. All that said, Coach continues to be a staple in the handbag game and they definitely plan to stick around!!! I'll be pulling my Duffle out for Fall for sure!!! Not really feeling the ol' skool looks? Try one of these, surely destined to be a classic...



Live Long and Bag It!!!!!!


nita scot said...

I noticed how coach classics were making a come back and made a mental note to pull mine out too!!

J.P. Archie said...

Great post! I have mixed feelings about this comeback, but I did dust my duffle sac off a while back. Hahahhaha!!! Not really a big Coach fan! :)