Monday, May 25, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I think of pearls, I think of playing dress up in my mommy's jewels and pretending to be the belle of the ball! I recall getting my first pearl set: earrings and necklace and I also remember breaking my necklace. Clearly I wasn't ready for the responsibility of pearls. Fast forward...Today, Pearls continue to be a staple in any woman's closet, whether real or faux, pearls always complete the look! This summer, pearls are taking on a whole new look. Not so retro, but still classically, chic! I love the layered look and colored pearls(i.e. black pearls, which my hubby graced me with one birthday) add quite a splash of sophistication to an otherwise, casual look! JCrew has really taken this trend full-force! Looking for a more affordable outlet??? Try Ebay! You are sure to find some great, vintage, affordable pearls there! Just search for pearls or vintage pearl jewelry! I also spied some really cute, non-traditional looks at Anthropologie! Or, go ahead and invest in Tiffany pearl necklace. It is sure to become a family heirloom to be passed on from generation to generation!!! Whatever you do, keep it chic!

Live Long and Dress Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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