Monday, October 26, 2009

Im Your Private Cleaner...Dry Cleaner in Your Pocket!!!

Ok, so while on vacay I dive head first into all the tabloids and fashion mags I can set my hands on. It's my one guilty pleasure that my husband allows me to indulge in...thanks Husband!!! And even my baby boy lets his mommy have quality time to catch up on the latest Hollywood gossip and fashion hits and misses! With that said, I just recently discovered a Dry Cleaner in your pocket...a hidden treat...Madame Paulette to the rescue! If ever caught in a stain dilemma, these little pocket gems are just what you need! Known as the Custom Couture Cleaner of the World, Madame Paulette(a family run establishment) has made quite a name for herself amongst New York's most elite! If you've got a garment in need of some clean, MP is just what you need! Well, what if your not one of the privy NYC elite?? Now you can have the same quality service in the palm of your hand! At $12.50 and amazing results, you've got your private dry cleaner whenever you need it! Check out the video! I'm convinced!

Live Long and Clean Well!!!!!!!!!!!

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