Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Talbots Equals Style??? OH Yes!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night I took part in a focus group session for Real Simple magazine; one of my favorite go to resources for all things, Easy Living! The group consisted of real, everyday women, from various walks of life and style!! It was very apparent to me, that all women, regardless of age, socio-eco status, or race, just want to be stylish! So that was the topic of our discussion...Style! It appears that Real Simple is looking to add more fashion to their current layout, which I am not at all opposed to so long as it keeps with their current tradition of Simple Living!!! Keeping all things style related, the topic of favorite places to shop was brought to the table and of course the likes of Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Macy's, Saks and others were mentioned! To my surprise so was Talbots! And funny enough, I had just received a style stalker email from WWW regarding none other than...Talbots! Well, apparently Talbots has revamped! They have truly updated their more conservative look and took on some of the more obvious trends(belted dresses, trench coats, and eye-popping colors) and they even have a waaay cute blog. I was pleasantly surprised and inspired!!! Truly, we have all been inspired by our First Lady, who is the number 1 trendsetter of late. One should never rule out old fav's! Always remember style is in the eye of the beholder and we all have a little bit in each of us! And the options continue to be unlimited!!!

Live Long and Be Inspired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jessica@Talbots said...

Thanks, so glad you noticed the change! And since you mentioned our ever-chic, ever-the role model First Lady... well, she's noticed too. Here is just one link of her
looking amazing in Talbots.


Fashionista Extraordinare said...

Thanks, Jessica!!! I hope you keep checking the "closet" for my take on fashion and the latest trends!!