Monday, June 14, 2010

Precious Cargo!!!!!!

Hot trend alert!!!!!! Calling all aviators...Ray-Ban's: check and don't forget your Cargo pants!!!! The hottest item this Spring/Summer has got to be the J Brand Houlihan Cargo pant! Seen in every fashion spread and found anywhere from Barney's to Anthro!!! The vintage olive color is my fav, but $230 for a pair of cargo pants is a little extreme...I mean I love my designer jeans, but am always looking for the look for less!! You too? Well, I've found a few, more affordable alternatives here! Love the Joe's version and am even digging the cropped cargo, by G1. Such a simple and chic look; perfect for traveling, hanging with the family at Disneyland, or date night out on the town! The choice is yours! Pair with your favorite flouncy, floral cami or simple tee and corkwedges and your set!!!

Live Long and Jet Set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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