Monday, October 22, 2007

Euro Cafeteria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, my bff and I were out dining and discovered something new and hip in eateries!!!!! A place that welcomes you with gummy bears and warm smile. A place where you get a card and tray and pick your own place to seat. No, I am not referring to your high school cafeteria, but a more modern version called, Vapiano!!!!

Vapiano is a pizza and pasta bar that offers contemporary ambiance, with non-traditional service. Here's the concept:

If You Love the European Lifestyle You Will Love Vapiano
Somewhere between the nicest of fast casual and hippest of casual dining restaurants is Vapiano.
Defining the future of fresh casual - a new and refreshing niche in the restaurant industry - Vapiano is an innovative European concept serving made-to-order fire roasted pizzas, fresh, house-made pasta and hand tossed gourmet salads. Already a hit in Europe, with 17 open locations and another 100 in development worldwide, Vapiano puts a new spin on the dining experience with its urban upscale Italian decor and its modern customer service.

Guest Experience
Vapiano is a fast casual restaurant with a twist - customers use a "chip card" to personally order their food or drinks

Although, we didn't dine here, the hostess kindly allowed us to feast on gummy bears and take a jaunt around the place, which was very open and chic!!!! It's soo cute and I love all things CUTE indeesd, therefore will definitely be gathering the girls and making our way to this modern day cafeteria!

So far their only U.S. locations are in the Washington DC metro area, but sure to be popping up in your neck of the woods!!!! Check them out at:

Great place for a date and you don't have to worry about running out time. There are no end of lunch bells here!!!!!

Live long and Eat Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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