Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ice Ice Baby!!!!!!!!

Tis the season to get your skate on, ice skating that is!!!! One of my favorite things to do that I rarely get out and do is back in effect and I promise I will be gearing up and getting my Debi Thomas on...Remember her?

The National Gallery Sculpture Garden is well known for it's outdoor skating rink, which offers seasonal music along with a cup of refreshing hot cocoa!!!!!

I have also discovered another downtown outdoor rink that promises up to date tunes and a good time! Pershing Park, located at 14th and Pennsylvania Ave NW. They offer snacks and lessons if needed!!!!

So polish up those skates and always be fashionable wearing your cute fuzzy hat and muffs! And have a "skating" good time!!!!!!


Live long and Skate Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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