Monday, November 19, 2007


Well it is official...Winter is on the rise. And one needs to be prepared to battle the cold! So, why not have the right accessories? Some of the essentials(and Im still working on my essentials list courtesy of Mr. Tim Gunn) would include: a cute scarf, gloves, hat, and perhaps ear muffs!!! Hats are all the rave this season, from cute houndstooth riding hats to french berets, to over the top Russian foxes!!! Whatever your wardrobe and budget are craving, it's out there for you!!! I am loving the hats and accessories by a relatively new designer, Eugenia Kim!!!! Her hats are clever and cute and very warm and ultra chic!!!!! You may pay a pretty penny, but they are totally worth the investment!!! Check her out!

eugenia kim @

Banana and Anthropologie also offer a great selection of scarves and hats, which also make excellent holiday gifts...'Tis the season!!!!

And for those of you who lose a glove here, loan out a scarf (that's never to be seen again) there, Forever 21 has just what you need, modern looks for affordable prices!!!! Check out some of my finds and bundle up...It's getting cold out!!!!!


convertible glitten! $6.80

cableknit scarf $10.80

Live long and Dress Warm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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