Monday, January 7, 2008

Eye Catching Ikat!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ethnic prints were quite the inspiration for the Spring '08 fashion collections! You will be sure to see ethnic patterns and prints in most designer collections and its sure to trickle down to mainstream retailers too!!! To see exactly what Im talking about, see the Plenty Spring '08 collection by fab designer Tracy Reese

One print that I am loving for the remainder of the winter season right into spring is Ikat!!!! This bold, ethnic print is most definitely making a comeback and sure to be a hit right into summer!!! Ikat is described as a style of weaving that uses a resist dyeing process similar to tie-dye to create a pattern or design. Ikat has roots in South America and Asia and was seen in both the Tibi and Oscar de la Renta spring collections! Its vibrant and colorful, but subtle and simple all at the same time. From dresses to picture frames, Ikat is making its mark and catching lots of attention!!! Check out some high and low end styles that I found and be Inspired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Live Long and Dress Well!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best Buy: Target $13

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