Monday, March 24, 2008

Playing the Right Card's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so the weather outside is not so delightful, but you're ready to toss that burly winter coat and trade it in for something lighter! I can totally relate! You just got your favorite, figure flattering, DVF wrap dress out of the cleaners and its all set to be flaunted, but you need a light little number to keep your arms toasty? Try a Cardigan!!! Oh, not your grandfather's, old-school cardigan (those are pretty are hot too), but a fun, frilly, ornate, stylish, little number!!! Cardigans are the perfect alternative to a heavy winter coat and are perfect for layering(check out the cute young lady above). They are a great transition piece from winter to spring and work wonders for those summer nights out in the chilly movie theater! Cardigans can be very versatile...From classic Jcrew numbers, to embellished, fun-filled ones from Anthropologie. I even spied some great, inexpensive Card's at good ol' Forever21!!!!! They can be worn with a simple pair of skinny or wide-legged jeans or over the perfect summer frock! Don't think Mr. Rogers, but Carrie Bradshaw chic...You are sure to have a winning hand!!!!!


Ahoy Card!

Simple Chic

Lily Card

Classic Argyle

Bright Colored Card

Affordable Finds from Forever21



Equestrian Card $36

Best Buy: $16 A steal!

My Fav: Simple and Chic from Jcrew

Live Long and Dress Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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