Monday, May 19, 2008



light, airy.
2.extremely delicate or refined.
3.heavenly or celestial.

Calling all earth goddesses in need of a new do...The look is simple and chic...Braids!!! Grecian Braids are all the rave right now and very fitting for all sorts of looks! My friend rocked them(shout out to Dyan!) this weekend for a girls, dinner out, and they were sooo hot!!! You can rock two on the side, or one down the middle, or one off to the side(think Lauren Conrad of the Hills). Braids are perfect for a hot summer's day at at the beach or even for a more delicate look for a wedding(think Jenna Bush...she just rocked them for her wedding). I personally love them and think they are most flattering and perfect with a long Grecian dress and roman sandals!!! How complete!!!! Here are some ideas to get you going and ladies with locks, braids work for you too!!!!! Remember, the messier, the better!!!! So cute!

check out this link on how to:
Peace and Love!!!!!!!!!

Live Long and Dress Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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dyan said...

Hey now. I finally got a shout out being an inspiration for a post. good lookin' out