Wednesday, May 14, 2008

All things Greek!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I think about things Greek, I think the Mad Greek, which had the best falafel's in LA; I think Russell Crowe in Gladiator, The Odyssey, and of course Roman sandals, which were all the rave in the early 90's! Roman sandals aka Grecian sandals aka Gladiator sandals, have made a major comeback this spring/summer! They made an appearance last summer, which is when I picked up my $15 pair at Urban Outfitters. Now you can just about find them everywhere in an array of colors and styles. From studded flats to knee grazing buckle-ups! Whatever your fashion palette is craving, there is a style just for you. I personally am loving the flat assortments by Dolce Vita and Sam Edelman, which are both very affordable and available at most retailers(i.e. Anthro, Nordstrom, Cusp, Bloomies, and Shopbop). Also, check out Matt Berson and Jeffrey Campbell, both available at for some funky and traditional gladiator style sandals.
Now is the time to channel your inner Greek goddess. If you cant afford to take a trip to a Greek isle, why not do the next best thing...Buy a pair of sandals. They are sure to remain a classic!!!!

My Fav: Dolce Vita $135

Live long and Shop Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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