Monday, June 9, 2008

Girls Gone Plaid!!!!!!!!! (and Gingham too)

Get a jumpstart on a sure to be Fall 08 trend! Plaid and Gingham!!!!! Both prints are laid back, with a hint of grunge, and easily dressed up or down. Plaid is one of those closet staples, that is always sure to resurface. This season you will be seeing lots of plaid bikini's, coats, skirts, jackets, and of course the button down shirt!!! Even shoes and handbags are incorporating the tartan looks (see the PreFall 08 ads for D&G). Still not convinced? Check out Marie Claire July 08 issue trend spy, "Glamour Girls Gone Grunge" pg. 20 for some ideas on how to rock your new look! Some great places to find the trends spied here? Try, Urban Outfitters(always sure to have some grungy, cutting edge, finds), Anthropologie, and Nordstrom.

Hey it's only fashion, have fun...You are the only captain of your closet! Arrrggg!!!!!! (ok, I may have just watched Pirates of the Caribbean :)

Best Find: Nordstrom Gingham Wedge $35

Live Long and Go Mad Plaid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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