Monday, November 24, 2008


Ok, so Im sooo in love with easy dressing these days! Hince, throw on a cute tee and jeans and go!!!! Oh and of course a great sweater coat or cardigan! It's all about layers for winter!!! With that said, here are some tee's that I am truly in love with!!! Ronny Kobo, Lauren Moshi, and Harlow Monrow! I know, $60 bucks for a tee, you say...Well, its an easy go outfit and so creative and adorable, it's so worth the investment and you can always catch them on sale( try Also, all the tees featured here can be found at,, and or try the handy dandy shopstyle featured here on It makes finding items I love easy, breezy! Taking you directly to the site where you can purchase! How's that for one stop shopping!!!! Now, go and find a tee that fits you and your style and look effortlessly,chic!!!!

Live Long and Shop Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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