Thursday, November 6, 2008

Let's Get Ready to Ba-"Rock"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Fashionistas!!!!!!!!!!!!! As we embark on a truly historical and memorable time, we should begin preparing our wardrobe's now for January!!! This January, 2009, we will celebrate the inauguration of our new leader, Barack Obama and welcome him as our president!!! DC will never be the same!!! So many events, so many parties! It's time to get festive and J. Crew can help you get Rock-Star, ball, ready!!!! J. Crew has fabulous, glam dresses, perfect for celebrating! And J.Crew is now offering great incentives to shop! Not only do they have special sizes that include petites up to size 16. They also offer shoe sizes up to a 12m! In addition, they are now giving a 15% discount to teachers and college students(pending valid i.d.) on all in-store purchases and personal shoppers who can help you get whatever you need from any store, all you have to do is call and request one or ask when in store! Now how fabulous is that? Get ready, get set, get ready to Rack!!! Im definitely fired up and ready to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Live long and Be part of History!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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