Monday, June 8, 2009

Faith & Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Forever 21 has done it again!!!! Introducing Faith21 and Love21! Two new extension from the creator of all things trendy and affordable! Faith21 is the new plus-size line introduced at the beginning of the month. Faith21 offers of the moment trends for a broader size range and the clothes are cute!!!! Love21 is the new contemporary line that puts you in the mind set of J.Crew meets Anthropologie, with lots of spins on high-end designer fashions too! Again, both lines are very much on target with what's hot in fashion(maxi dress, floral prints, tunics, easy tees) and much more! If you are looking to satisfy your fashion sweet tooth, but don't want to break the bank, you have found the right place! Both lines can still be found at Convenient, one-stop shopping! You can't beat that! Check out some of my picks! And I forgot to mention that both lines are available in some stores(check the website for specific listings). Cute + Affordable= Stress-free Shopping!!!!

Live Long and Shop Smart!!!!!!!!!!

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