Friday, August 14, 2009

Stars In Stripes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stripes are all around for fall 09 fashion! Check out these celebs in stripes! Breton stripes are the inspiration for this fall trend! The Breton Stripe was quite popular in the 60's out of the UK. The retro look has been revamped and is looking so fresh and so clean and ready to wear! Mix and match your stripes with tops, bottoms, and dresses! Add a chunky, stand out accessory and keep everything else simple and you will be ready to represent! Not sure you can do stripes? Try a wider stripe and keep the color pattern to a minimal. Think nautical, blue and white or black and white for a start. Then slowly, be adventurous and try the look in colors!!! Here are some inspirations for ya( on the picture and go directly to the source)!!!! Anthro has a lot of stripes in store, just search "stripes" and you'll be in business!!!!

Live Long and Dress Well!!!!!!!!!!!!

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