Monday, January 18, 2010

Color Me Neurtral!!!!

As thoughts of Spring go looming through your head, you are most likely thinking of ways to liven up your wardrobe palette...Think again! This Spring think Neutral!!!! Earthtones, monochromatic, simplicity, all hues that work well in any closet! Think shades of beige, creams, ivory, and tan. Basic. Simple. Sweet...The Spring '10 collections of Lanvin, Miu Miu, and Ralph Lauren all featured simple, neutral shades, which can easily be transferred to the likes of Banana Republic and The Gap, for a more affordable twist on this sure to be staple for your Spring collection! And oh, did I mention how easy it is to mix bold brights with a simple shade of cream or ivory! Think a sprinkle of Hot Pink, for added dimension!!! Check out what I found at Shopbop and Anthro for starters or try doing a basic search for an array of neutral shades on! The selections are endless!!!

Live Long and Be Simple Chic!!!!!!!!!!!
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