Wednesday, January 20, 2010

She's Got Leg-Ins!!!!!!!!!!!

Once again, denim has been revamped! For all the ladies who aren't quite sure how to rock the skinny jeans, try on the denim legging! Much easier to find a fit, so that makes them much easier to wear; not to mention the denim legging is much more affordable, in some cases! Here are two ways to showcase those Legs! One, try a true denim legging, like these from one of my favorite denim brands, Joe's. This legging features a dark rinse and ankle zips, which really gives off the appearance of a skinny jean, but much more flattering without back or side pockets and it retails for $78 bucks! How do you say steal? Try them on with a cut bootie and oversized sweater and you are ready to strut your stuff! For another play on the leggy legging, try a faux denim legging, by Daddy Long Legs Leggings, available for $38 at Bloomindale's! These are another fav! I love pairing mine with a slouchy tee, blazer, and OTK boot and KaPow, I'm ready for lunch with the ladies!!! Comfy and affordable! Two things that Im all about for the new year!!! Aren't you???? Go out and try on some Leggings Ladies! You're sure to turn heads in which ever look you choose!!!

Live Long and Leg It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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