Friday, November 12, 2010

Row, Row, Row, Your Bow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bing Bang
The Bow is back!!!! Bow details are popping up in just about every place, fashion wise, you can think of...I was working my way through my Real Simple November Edition (packed with lots of Holiday tips and tidbits) and there they were...Oh, how trends repeat themselves (see here). From dresses to skirts to shoes, a little bow can truly go a long way!!! I must admit that I did own a few bow hair clips back in the day, however as I said before, this is one trend I will not be revisiting! But, a little bow on my blouse or dress, may just do the trick! I'm in love with the looks found here and here ! And the bow necklace by Bing Bang, has to be my ultimate, fav! Don't you just love it????

Live Long and Bow Well!!!!!!!!!!

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