Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tell It To My Heart!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another fab vintage shop just recently sprouted in the LA vicinity!!!! All you lucky Cali girls who are all about your vintage finds, this is for you!!! I will be making my way to my homeland at the end of the week for family, friends, FOOD and fun(wedding in Vegas, baby) and it is sure to be a great vacay!!! Unfortunately, the new shop, did I mention it by name yet? No!! Telltale Heartbeat, is only open Wed-Sat, boo-hiss!!! These hours don't work for me and if you are in the same boat you are in luck, because their online shop is looking real good!!! I first learned about the Telltale here.  And I was truly taken in by all the pictures of the featured jewels and gems that were featured and they were ALL available online-Score(but going fast, only downside of buying Vintage)!!!!! Here are a few of my fav's: vintage and new! They even feature one of my new underground label love: Funktional-check out their hot tribal tank dress!!! Got have it! Do you think a preggo belly can pull it off??? I do!!! I'll keep you posted!!! Check it out if you love all things vintage and cute!!!
Vintage 3 Tier Gold Drop Necklace
Drop It Like its Hot

Vintage Turquoise Scorpion Necklace
Friendly Scorpian

Vintage White Hot Sequin Top
Sparkle Tee

Vintage Black and White Halter Maxi
Striped Vintage

Funktional Tribal Tank Dress
Tribal Tank Dress

Live Long and Dress Vintage!!!!!!!!!

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