Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Great Dress Exchange!!!!!!!! One more time, thanks to Blogger Glitch

Great Dress Exchange

How many of you have wondered "what will I do with that bridesmaids dress, I will never wear again?" Well, now you have a few options, 1) If the dress was one that fit you perfectly(very rare), but maybe the wrong length? Find a good tailor, have it shortened, dyed, and voila, you have the perfect evening dress or sexy formal! If this option doesn't work for you, how about turning in that old, closet-space stealer, for a new LBD(Little Black Dress), hereNewlyMaid(thanks for putting me on, LMC) is a fantastic dress exchange which allows one to unload their not so treasured finds for perhaps, a much wearable option!!! To find out how it works, go here! Not only will your closet thank you, but your heart will too, as some dresses are recycled and others are donated to the Clothes4Souls organization! Giving and Getting...Not a bad trade!!! Check it out and let me know how you likey!!!

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Live Long and Give the Dress!!!!!!!!!! p.s. Happy 35th Bday to my Sweetie! It's the husband's big Day!!!

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