Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Two New Fav's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My new Fav!

Something Good!!!

So, Ive just stumbled upon two great new designers and I think I'm in Love!!!! Have you heard about The Addison Story or Something Else by Natalie Wood??? Both are two that are new to me and quite fabulous, I might add! Let's start with The Addison Story...I first discovered them in Neiman's Spring Catalog when I spied this dress-Love it! Their line to me evokes a vintage quality-very easy, laid back, fun, flirty, and flouncy! And the price point ($60-250) ain't so bad, either. You can find them locally carried at Rue14 and online here and here. You are sure to be pleased! Next up, Something Else! On a recent trip into one of my local fav's Redeem, I scoped all my usual suspects, Funktional, Kai-Aakmann, etc., I spotted, Something Else that quickly caught my attention! Like little pieces of clothing art, Natalie Wood, designer/artist reigns from down-under-Australia and brings her creative talents to the main land! Clothing with an edge is just how I would describe it! Easy to wear tees, tanks, sweaters, and dresses! Definitely worth checking out here! Need a little eye candy convincing??? Here ya go....
The Addison Story

Something Else by Natalie Wood

My new favorite tank!

Live Long and Discover New Things( and Designers too)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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