Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My New Ritual!!!!!!!!!!

New music alert...Little Dragon has released their latest album Ritual Union. I discovered Little Dragon last summer while grooving to a Pandora mix(J*Davey-check them out too) and was pleasantly, caught off guard when I discovered this big voice, coming from a little woman. I was immediately taken!!! Little Dragon is a mix of electronica, soul, and acid jazz(does anyone remember that music genre). Check it out for yourself here! Some of my highlights on this latest installment include the title track: Ritual Union, Nightlight, and Brush the Heat. Now, I realize this may be an acquired, musical taste, but open your ears and broaden your horizons and check out Little Dragon! Great musicians and great lyrics! And I hear they are even more awesome in concert! I plan on checking them out next time they are in my city, how about you? You're in for an ear-full-surprise!!!
Little Dragon
Little Dragon
Check out my favorite album: Self-titled Little Dragon-Constant Surprises is so right on time and my all time Jam!

Live Long and Hear the Music!!!!!!!!!!

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