Friday, August 19, 2011

Spotlight On: Complex Geometries!!!!

Complex Geometries
As of late, I've really been into drapey knits and easy to wear pieces, that are figure conscience, given my current state of being.  With that said, may I introduce a new designer, to me, Clayton Evans, the man behind my new fave: Complex Geometries!  I first discovered this cleverly named clothing and accessory line here(another new love) and found that this line was quite popular, as most of the pieces I spied were either sold out or not available in my size-bummer, but I was still hopeful (as customer service promised to inform me when items were back in stock-gotta love small business, customer service). The Complex line offers clever cowl necks, asymmetrical lines, and multifunctional pieces!!! And the jewelry is simple and chic as well. The line is not too flashy, but definitely leaves a lasting impression...Check out some of my highlights, all of which transition well from Summer to Fall...

Live Long and Be a Little Complex!!!!!!

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J.P. Archie said...

Love them! All things drapey are lovely!