Monday, June 25, 2012

You Know the 'Drille!!!!!!

A Classic never Gets Old...(photo:wwwdaily)

The Espadrille is a summer staple when it comes to easy, free, footwear! Last summer it was all about the Tom, which is still a popular choice amongst those seeking comfort and a cause! But this summer step up your shoe game with a pair of these...Soludos!!! Functional, fashionable, and Comfy-all rolled up in one perfect little 'drille'. I think they are absolutely adorable and totally say "summer." If you need a little height-action, check out some of the great 'drille's found...On Sale Now!!!! Love me some Tory Burch, her shoes are always a winner in my book! Summer is here ladies! Step up your shoe game and do it in a 'drille!!!!!

Live Long and Shoe Well!!!!


J.P. Archie said...

Love the Drilles! I found some cute leather ones I want to get.

J.P. Archie said...
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