Friday, August 24, 2012

I'm Digging!!!!

This weekend promises to be jam packed for me! I'm digging the fact that my big sister is embarking upon a major milestone and will be celebrating 50, fabulously! I can't wait to party!!! In addition, it's back to school time, so I will also be getting ready for that...And yeah, Im kinda Digging that too! New beginnings are always great!!! Enjoy my Digs!!!!

Wyndham Resort at the National Harbor
Looking forward to hanging out here this weekend to celebrate my sister's Big B'day!!!!

Leather and Fall are a perfect combination!

Midi Rings from here! I want one for my thumb! Cute!

Dinner with Ladybugs here. So yummy!

Live Long and Enjoy the Weekend!!!!!!!!

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J.P. Archie said...

Enjoy the party!!! 50 and fabulous indeed!!! Also, I need that leather dress. so cute! Ladybugs are all lovely! I'm an honorary one. :)