Monday, August 11, 2008

Boyfriend Distressed!!!!

Want to know the latest, hottest, craze in denim??? Check out the distressed boyfriend jean! Katie Holmes loves her pair; as she can be seen rocking them on a daily basis while romping around with Suri!!! They're casual, comfy, and urban chic all at the same time. They can be dressed totally up or down! And the best part? You can go rummaging through your boyfriend's closet or your dad's closet and pull out a pair of their old, grungy Levis' and bam, you re in style, rocking what's next in fall fashion!!! My bestie and I were doing this waaaay before it was trendsetting(remember the Uni Dance were we rocked our dad's tattered Levi's and paisley Gap shirts? We were so trendsetting!!!) Your boyfriend might be less distressed if you borrowed a pair of his worn out jeans or he could just foot the bill for a pair of $200 Current/Elliott jeans, found at or! The choice is yours!!! Wear them with your favorite pair of ballet flats or jazz them up with a pair of hot booties(another fall favorite). Check out these styles found at Jcrew,shopbop, and shopintuition and they won't hurt your pocket quite as much!

Live Long and Shop Well!!!!!!!!

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