Monday, August 4, 2008

New Discoveries: Pixie Market!!!!

So, I was surfing the net, looking for a Richard Ruiz tunic and low and behold I discovered a fresh, new website: Pixie Market It reminds me a lot of Le Train Bleu in that it offers eclectic, underground designers, with a definite eye for all things fashion! Think glam chic or urban outfitters with a spin!!!! Kinda grundge, kinda vintage, all fashion forward!!! Pixie Market also has two retail outlets, one in NYC and the other in L.A. I will definitely be checking out the L.A. post when I am in town! Some of the designers featured include: Robert Ruiz(see recent blog), By Zoe, Maria Bonita Extra( Brazil's finest) and many more! It's definitely worth checking out, not to mention the great sale they have going on as we speak or blog!!!! I just love new discoveries...Don't you?

Live Long and Shop Well!!!!!!!!!!!

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